Zoe Viccaji’s Latest Track Explores The Beauty Of Northern Pakistan
Published: Aug 15, 2016

Zoe Viccaji’s new song Ho Jao Aazad was released on her official Facebook page on 10 August.


The mesmerizing pop song has gone viral since then with over 3000 shares on Facebook! Not just because of Zoe’s amazing vocals and musicality but also because of the amazing video of this song.

Source: Screenshot
Source: Screenshot

‘Ho Jao Aazad’ has been shot in the northern areas of Pakistan and it is giving travel goals to people to explore the real beauty of Pakistan!

Source: Screenshot
Source: Screenshot

The song is about a girl who takes a break from her daily stressful life and goes on to explore her own  country, independently.

Source: Zoe Viccaji's Official Instagram
Source: Zoe Viccaji’s Official Instagram

How do you like Zoe’s latest track? We absolutely loved it!