You’re Always Going To Be More Like Your Father Than Your Mother
Published: May 25, 2016

According to science you’re more like your dad than your mother. This is because the genes from your father are more dominant than the ones you inherit from your mother.


We inherit an equal amount of DNA from both parents but the paternal line dominates how the offspring develops into an adult.


You might resemble and act like your mother but mammals are genetically more like their father.

This helped scientist learn  that:

“We now know that mammals express more genetic variance from the father. So imagine that a certain kind of mutation is bad. If inherited from the mother, the gene wouldn’t be expressed as much as it would be if it were inherited from the father. So, the same bad mutation would have different consequences in disease if it were inherited from the mother or from the father.”

So go on dads, boast about how your children take after you.