Will We See The World’s First Cyborg In The Next Few Years?
Published: May 22, 2015

No this isn’t a fantasy story or a ‘what if’ story. This is as real as it gets. There has been a rapid advancement in the field of harnessing a healthy brain to overcome a damaged body.



Cathy Hutchinson a woman who suffered a stroke in 2000’s was able to serve herself a drink for the first time since her stroke.



A man named Erik Sorto  was shot at the age of 21 which left him paralysed from the neck down.



When he was implanted with a mind reading chip in his brain, he was able to drink water unaided for the first time in ten years since his injury.


Prof Richard Andersen from Caltech said

The first time he tried the robotic limb he could form his hand to mirror one of the student’s hands as if shaking hands – for him it was a huge thrill.

The thought of organic beings with bio-mechanical parts is truly an exciting endeavour. Who knows what advancement they might come out with in the next few years. Today, we can safely say that in 10 years time, we might have flying cars.