Who Needs A Job? Queen Elizabeth Is Hiring
Published: Apr 22, 2016

Yes you read that right! Queen Elizabeth is looking for a social media manager. Update your Cv’s you all! The Queen wants someone to manage her twitter account.

The Royal Family advertised a social media guru’s dream job recently. The lucky candidate will get a £50,000 salary to begin with.

Source: CNN
Source: CNN

The Palace is looking to hire someone who has experience in managing and editing high profile websites, social media and other digital platforms.

But it’s not just one Twitter account; the position will involve maintaining and growing the accounts of The British Monarchy, Kensington Palace and Clarence House.

London, UK. 24th Oct, 2014. Queen sends her first Twitter message from the Science Museum in London, Britain, UK 24th October, 2014  © Dorset Media Service/Alamy Live News

The future employee will have to manage HM’s three Twitter accounts, which have a combined 3m followers. Then there’s The British Monarchy Facebook page that has garnered more than 2m likes.

Source: revelist
Source: revelist

The job submissions have begun!