Virtual World Turns Into Real World In A Small Village Of Italy
Published: May 4, 2016

Civitacampomarano is a small village in Italy, with a population of just 400 people most of which are elderly. The internet is not common to these people nor is a mobile connection, because they seldom get good signals, or any signals for that matter.

This is when an Italian artist, Fra Biancoshock, came up with a brilliant idea of brining ‘real-life’ internet to the people of this village.

With his project ‘web 0.0’, 12 interventions give ‘virtual’ functions to commonplaces.

Here is how he brought 12 of the coolest internet apps to reality!

1. How about we tweet live sitting on a bench! Direct messaging, face to face.

source: biancoshock

2. Whatsapp anyone? Who needs mobiles when there is a whatsapp phone booth.whatsappbooth

3. If you think the event is worth it post it on the facebook wall. A literal Facebook wall has been made into a bulletin board, where updates about the town are displayed.

Source:  biancoshock
Source: biancoshock

4. A google bar that sells wine.googlebar

5. An old lady of the village narrates historical stories to the residents, she has placed a Wikipedia sign outside her house. She has all the information you need!


6. Because emailing via gmail is too mainstream. What is even better? A gmail post box.



7. Buy and sell everything on ebay! Only this time you can actually take a closer look at all the products with a non virtual, real ebay store.


8. A wetransfer-mobile is at your service to deliver packages and goods directly at your doorstep. wetransfer

9. A literal RSS feed distributes news in the form of a local newspaper.


10. There is a youtube ‘theater’ staged at a local bar where residents watch movies and TV shows.   youtubetheater

11. This antivirus Pharmacy named after avast has the cure to most of your ailments and viruses.


12. Nobody needs to make a profile on Tinder anymore, when you can find love on a bench called Tinder.


Here is a video of the web 0.0 village in Italy!