This Toddler Defending His Grandma like a Warrior Is the Cutest Thing You’ll See Today
Published: Apr 18, 2016

“Don’t touch my grandma! Go away!” If you want to talk with this Chinese toddler’s grandma, you’ll have to go through him.



A video that has gone viral recently shows a small toddler threatening members of Chengguan, China’s urban management team, like a warrior with a steel pipe.

These officials in charge of cleaning up the streets were apparently cracking down on illegal street vendors and happened to stumble upon the elderly grandma and her small grandson.

This is when the warrior in this toddler awakens and he threatens the officials with a steel pipe in order to protect his grandmother.

The youngster believed to be just 3, screams out at the officials

“Don’t touch my grandma! Go away!”

He then throws the pipe to the ground and stares menacingly at officials, before being escorted away. Chinese people on social media are calling this cute but fierce 3 years old a hero.

EJI Insight reports that the toddler’s extreme reaction was provoked by city employees, who were trying to remove his grandma’s street stall.

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