This Teacher Made An Adorable Rap Video To Welcome His 4th Grade Students
Published: Aug 25, 2016

Dwayne Reed is a teacher in Chicago who is going to teach the students of 4th grade for the first time. But he is very different and his students are never going to get bored during lectures.

Source: Screen grab
Source: Screen grab

Why is Reed so cool? Lets just say he is a great teacher and a singer and knows how to mix his skills to get the best out of his students!

Reed came up with an interactive, creative way of teaching his students. He made the most adorable rap video to welcome them. Because sending out introductory newsletters in advance is too old school.

“So we gotta keep it positive, that’s the key / Have respect for each other, and don’t forget me / Have respect for your selves and the staff and the school / Having fun can be cool when you’re following the rules,” he sings.

How cool is that!!

Source: tumblr
Source: tumblr

Here is the video of Reed welcoming his students:

This video has gone viral ever since its upload with over 150,000 views on YouTube.