This Sonu Nigam Fan’s Reaction Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See Today
Published: May 24, 2016

Everyone’s favourite, melodious singer Sonu Nigam was part of a social experiment ‘Road side Ustad’ where he disguised himself as a homeless old man and sang on a busy street of Mumbai. People did not notice him at all, they did not know that the man behind this disguise is Sonu, but they appreciated his songs!


One boy asked him if he could record his songs and asked him if he had breakfast, he quietly placed 12 rupees in Sonu’s hand. For Sonu this was a remarkable, memorable experience!


Sonu says that he sang for hours on the streets in the sun, he was inspired by a footballer who had disguised himself and played with people. But for a vocalist this was one of its kind. He was happy with the feedback and love he received from his fans world over.

The team of Being Indian searched for that boy a week later and made him meet Sonu Nigam. His name is Shahbaz Ali Sayyed, and he is Sonu’s die-heart fan in reality! When he first saw the master vocalist he hugged him tightly and thanked him for all the love.

Source: Screen grab
Source: Screen grab

Here is the video of his priceless expression, this interview is a treat to watch.

The Facebook video originally appeared here.