This Picturesque Pink Lagoon In Mexico Looks Like A Fairy Tale Dreamscape
Pink lagoon
Published: Aug 15, 2016

This beautiful lagoon features naturally pink water that is utterly surprising and surreal.

Picture credits: karenfdzb
Picture credits: karenfdzb

The tiny fishing town of Las Coloradas, located on the northeast coast of Mexico’s Yacatán Peninsula, must be the prettiest, pinkest place on earth.

The lagoon is actually inhabited by the red plankton and brine shrimp and they dye the water with their chemicals, hence, the pink colour.

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Known for its salt production, the town’s picturesque pink lagoon is surrounded by piles of white salt. The town was once a salt mining hub,thus the omnipresent salt mountains.

Source: Photo credit: @fabio_c_rodrigues
Photo credit: @fabio_c_rodrigues

Thousands of Instagrammers, nature enthusiasts, travellers, and photography fanatics travel to this real-life fairy tale dreamscape every year.