This 80-Year-Old Grandma Makes The Perfect ‘Glam-ma’
Published: May 10, 2016

Makeup artist Tea Flego has transformed her grandma’s look with her amazing makeup skills and Instagram loves her pictures.

Source: Tea Flego's Instagram
Source: Tea Flego’s Instagram

Flego posted a video of herself contouring her grandma and it has gone viral.

Flego says that her grandma was always her model.

“My Granny was always my model, as I was growing up it was clear that I would be a make-up artist. She always loved make-up so it was not a problem for her [to be my model.]”

Livia’s look inspired all Flego’s friends to try out contouring for themselves.

Flego is going to be busy with her new clientele soon, including many women who are as old or older than her grandma!

 “After making up my grandma, a lot of other older ladies have made appointments for their makeup”

Glam-ma does not have her own instagram account, but is happy to advertise for you. Flego grammed another picture of her very sassy gradma that says  “Come on ,take a pic ,*I want to advertise you “

We just want to know when Livia will start posing for magazine covers.

And hope that someone makes us look this sassy when we hit our 80’s!

Source: Tea Flego's Instagram
Source: Tea Flego’s Instagram


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