An American Entrepreneur Earns More Than $100,000 Annually Just By Selling Bananas
Published: Apr 27, 2016

In this age of technology it is actually refreshing if someone gives you a physical card in place of an e-card or a facebook message on your birthday, but what if the message was not on a paper or card but on a banana!


It would be hilarious and thoughtful isn’t it? That is exactly what Davonate Wilson thought, Wilson is the founder of ‘Bananas gone wild’ in Frisco, Texas.


Wilson was training to be a cardiac software technician.

“It was very intense,” he recalls. “The material was very difficult. Going through the day, you would get very mentally fatigued, and I brought a couple of bananas each day as a snack. I’d draw heart rhythms and other doodling on the bananas to break up the monotony.”

Wilson was unable to do well in the tests, he barely passed any quizzes, and one day the instructor wrote this on the top of one of his tests

“Maybe you should learn to write reports as well as you write on bananas?”

Everyone in the class made fun of Wilson but they also stopped by and saw the doodled bananas on his desk.


Finally he passed the course, and at the celebratory lunch for new hires, one of the executives suggested him to keep it up, referring to his doodles on bananas.

“I like to draw and he thought they were actually pretty cool”.

This is when Wilson began taking doodling seriously. He turned normal bananas to his creative characters like Superman and Minions.


Wilson finds this really cool.

“Its cool way to send a personal message to someone and lighten up their day, instead of the average greeting card or edible arrangement”

Later Wilson started creating drawing on bananas on customer demands. He used paint pens in order to write or draw on the bananas.


His business is a big hit now and he earns more than $8000 per month just by selling bananas!

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