Shehzad Roy’s New Song Wants Teachers of Matric Board to Change Teaching Methods
Source: Facebook
Published: Jul 5, 2016

Shehzad Roy’s new song “Sirf bandhi hai kamar” has a very powerful message and has gone viral for all the right reasons! In his satirical video, Shehzad encourages teachers to change their teaching methods, and motivates children to ask questions without any fear.

Source: Shehzad Roy's Official Facebook Page
Source: Shehzad Roy’s Official Facebook Page

The video is not just directed towards the teachers of the matric board but rather all such people who hamper the productivity of children by not letting them think critically. However sadly, most of such situations are true for the matric board, where students hesitate to ask questions. And a huge demographics of youth study in institutes that follow the matric board system.

Source: Screengrab
Source: Screengrab

The video gives a loud and clear message to the children to not just ‘ratafy’ answers to clear their results but to think and question the context being taught to them.

The singer, activist, founder and president of zindagi trust wants to #reformmatricboard with conceptual and analytical thinking instead of ratta system.

Source: koolmuzone
Source: koolmuzone

The song ends with a message of peace to resolve all issues with dialogue instead of bullets or physical violence; it gives us a message of winning by reasoning and not by intimidating.

Source: Screengrab
Source: Screengrab

Shehzad tweeted his song with a hashtag #reformmatricboard

And famous celebs and journalists support his message:

Here is the video of the song that has gone viral.