Shahid Afridi Apologizes to the Nation over Social Media
Published: Mar 30, 2016

Pakistan’s national cricket team Captain Shahid Afridi apologized in a video that was uploaded on his official fan page on Wednesday, this was his first message to the nation after his return, later his video was shared over many other social media pages and news channels.


Shahid Afridi has asked the nation to forgive him because his and his team’s performance was not up to the mark in the ICC World Twenty20.

Skipper added that he is not bothered about what anyone thinks about him, but that he is and has always been concerned for the people of his country Pakistan, he added that the team is not just a squad of 11 players but it rather represents the entire nation.

Source: decanchronicle
Source: decanchronicle

Boom Boom Afridi said that he has been wearing the green shirt for twenty years now and he knows that when the Pakistan team plays at the ground, it has a big responsibility, he apologized to the nation over the team’s poor performance in the ICC World Twenty20.

How many captains do you remember apologizing to the nation over their defeat? Do you think the skipper owes the nation any apology? Let us know in the comments below.