Sajjad Ali’s New Track ‘Nakhun’ Is Out Now
Source: Sajjad Ali Official Facebook Page
Published: Apr 1, 2016

Sajjad Ali never fails to impress his fans. All his songs are expressive lyrically and musically. 

His new single Nakhun conveys the feeling two people experience in a relationship when it seems like their love is fading away. 

Source: Sajjad Ali Official Facebook Page
Source: Sajjad Ali Official Facebook Page

Sajjad posted the video on his facebook fan page on Thursday and surprised his fans. He says that he loves his fans , he is not sponsored or branded and his only source of motivation is the love he receives from the fans.

“I’m not sponsored. I’m not branded. My fans are my only source of encouragement. Love you all”.

This is the video of the melodious song

The song is written, composed and produced by the legend himself.  The video has been directed by Zaw Ali and it features supermodel Rabia Butt. 

The track ends on a positive note, showing both the people in the fading relationship sitting together, hinting that there is hope and at the end everything possibly worked out for the both of them. 

Sajjad Ali’s fans have reacted on twitter appreciating the song, using the tracks hashtag, #Nakhun

The video’s director Zaw Ali also tweeted out the song 

This was her debut as a music video director, she tweeted earlier about how honored she was working with the Music Legend.