Remembering The Legendary Sufi Singer Allan Faqir
Published: Jul 4, 2016

Today, 4th July, 2016 marks the 16th death anniversary of famous folk singer Allan Faqir.


He was born in a village of Aamari in Jamshoro District in 1932.

Allan was known for his unique style, his amazing voice and his Sufi dance. When it comes to folk singing, his name is prominent in the history of the subcontinent.


Most of his songs were in Sindhi language while some were in Urdu. Allan Faqir’s famous song ‘Humma Humma’ was later released in Urdu (Allah allah kar bhyyia), it was a fusion of pop and folk. This song not only took Pakistan to the centre of the world music arena but also led his co-singer Muhammad Ali Shehki to new heights of popularity in the late 1980’s.


No one can possibly replace Allan’s place in the world of Sufi music. His death caused a void among Sufi music lovers.

Here are some of the most famous songs by Sufi Great Allan Faqir.

 1. Itney Bade Jeevan Saagar Mein Too Ne Pakistan Diya

2. Tere Ishq Mein Jo Bhi Doob Gaya

3. Huma Huma

4. Mujh Main Toun Mojood