Photographer Captures One Of The Last Nomadic Family Living With Reindeer’s
Published: Jul 19, 2016

Japanese photographer, Madoka Ikegami, photographed one of the last remaining nomadic groups of reindeer herders in northern Mongolia.


Madoka visited the East Taiga region of the Khovsgol province last to capture these images of the Tsaatan family.


The Tsaatan family co exists with reindeer’s in Mongolia.

She said: “The Tsaatan people live in either East or West Taiga, and I only visited East Taiga.

The Tsaatan tribe is somewhat dependent on the reindeers for transportation purposes, their antlers are used as handcrafting tools.

Source: Barcroft Images
Source: Barcroft Images

The reindeers also provide them with milk which is an important part of their diet.

Source: Barcroft Images
Source: Barcroft Images


The Tsaatan people are said to have co-existed with reindeers for thousands of years.

Source: Barcroft Images
Source: Barcroft Images

They need to migrate in the forests seasonally as the reindeers are vulnerable to changing weather conditions.


Madoka wanted her photography to emphasize their relationship along with the the incredible scenery that surrounds them.


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