Pakistan’s Version Of Tinder Is Here And It’s Called The Poondi App
Published: Apr 8, 2016

Yup, you read that right. For those who don’t know Tinder is a dating app that used abroad and is also used in Pakistan. Asher Jamil decided that Pakistan needed it’s very own dating app which he aptly named the Poondi App. Watch the video here:

Yup this app is designed to make friends and find people to date. It’s the first App of it’s kind made in Pakistan where one can find out where there friends are and find out how many girls and guys are at one place.


The idea for this app came up in October of 2014 but Jamil did not have the funding to start it up. When asked why it’s called Poondi App Jamil replied

We picked this particular name because we feel it will be a unique selling point for our app help in marketing it. This name would attract users especially those from the Pakistan and India region. This would help the app to quickly rise up in the app store charts. Moreover, we feel the word poondi isn’t bad in itself but has become so in our culture over time. With our app we are hoping to change that mindset.”

How do you think the App will work in Pakistan?