Pakistani Singer Dr Zafar Iqbal Wins Sufi Music Award In Cairo
Published: Feb 15, 2016

Pakistani singer and musician Dr Zafar Iqbal has recently been awarded Takrim at Cairo, Eygpt, in an international Sufi music festival called Sama International Festival of Spiritual Music and Chanting.

Source: thenews.com.pk
Source: thenews.com.pk

Iqbal heads an eight-member Marifat Band aiming at promoting peace, tolerance and interfaith harmony through popularising Sufi music among the youth.

Every year this particular award is given to scholars and musician for their outstanding services in their respective fields. This year in the musician/singer category the awards have been given to Dr Zafar Iqbal and French vocalist Caroline Dumas.

Dr Iqbal has plans to promote Sufi music countrywide through releasing albums based on the ‘kalam’ of noted poets.