Our Childhood Hero Ainak Wala Jin, Betrayed
Published: Mar 31, 2016

Ainak Wala Jin was one of the most popular children’s television series back in the 90’s. The story of the series revolved around the amalgamation of fantasy, real life and science fiction.

Source: iampadash.blogspot
Source: iampadash.blogspot

This drama ran twice on television in Pakistan. The series was said to return back in 2012 with the title of “Nastoor Jin Ki Wapsi“.

Source: pakimag
Source: pakimag

However that never happened.

Shehzad Qaiser told WebChutney,

” One day a gentleman came to me along with the approval letter of my program and there was a note written on the approval letter “come with 20 or 30 episodes and sign the contract”. I was very happy, I borrowed money from my partner and we made this serial with the new 3D technology. I went to PTV headquarters along with more than 20 episodes to sign the contract, where I got to know that the letter was fake”

With a heavy heart Qaiser added that,

“Due to this shock I lost 75% of my eyesight. I sold all of my property and returned the money to my partner. I went to other channels for help but all of them gave me the same answer that they don’t have any children’s slot. Now I live in a house without windows, doors and electricity.

He further said that,

“I’m not begging in front of anyone, I just want people to spread this message to the world”

The post about this tragic incident which has gone viral on social media was posted by Shehzad’s son Ali Shehzad.


We hope that the nation could do something to help our childhood hero.