Narendera Modi Is All About The Thug Life… Without The T
Published: Jan 26, 2016

Narendera Modi has done it again! The man loves to hug people and he isn’t ashamed to show it. Recently he hugged French president Francois Hollande and it was apparent that the French president was in no mood to hug him back.

This isn’t the first time Modi had hugged someone who didn’t want to hug them back. Last year it was none other than president Obama who got some Modi loving.


Yup¬†you can see it from his face that he REALLY isn’t into it. Sadly it doesn’t end there. Here are some other world leaders Modi couldn’t keep his hands off.

Malaysian prime minister Najib Razak


and our very own Nawaz Sharif



Though a lot of leaders may not enjoy Modi’s hugs some leaders do. Here Australian prime minister hugs Modi back and can you see the smile on Modi’s face

Source: qz.com


Even the crown prince of UAE Sheikh Mohammad biz Zayed Al Nahyan hugged Modie back

Source: bbc.com


World leaders aren’t the only people Modi loves to hug.

He even loves hugging Yogi’s such as Baba Ramdev

Source: qz.com
Source: qz.com

famous actors too, like Hugh Jackman

Source: qz.com
Source: qz.com

Not even billionaires are safe like Mark Zuckerberg

Source: ndtv.com
Source: ndtv.com


Who will Modi hug next?