Man Arrested In Pakistan For Hoisting Indian Flag
Published: Jan 28, 2016

A man was arrested in Punjab for hoisting an Indian flag on the roof of his house. That mans name is Umar Daraz, you may be wondering why he wanted to hoist the Indian flag, some would say he was asking for trouble.


His reason for hoisting the flag?

He’s a huge Virat Kohli fan…


Yup he said in court:

“I am a big fan of Virat Kohli. I support the Indian team because of Kohli. Hoisting of Indian flag on the rooftop of house only shows my love for the Indian cricketer,”

Umer just love’s cricket and his favourite player happens to be Indian is it really that big of a deal? He even had posters of Virat Kohli in his house.


A case was registered against Umar Dram under MPO-16 and Section 123-A of Pakistan Penal Code. Draz said he had no idea that he committed a crime and urged authorities to pardon him. He said he should be seen as

“an Indian cricketer’s fan and not as a spy”


Do you think Umar should have been arrested?