Major Brands Drop The Letters ‘A’ ‘O’ And ‘B’ From Their Logos As Part Of Global Blood Donation Campaign
Published: Aug 18, 2016

Major brands such a google, tesco, Microsoft and renowned landmarks including Canada’s ‘Toronto’ sign and Netherland’s ‘I amsterdam’ have dropped the letters A, O and B from their logos.


These letters are very imporant in the language, even more important for the logos. But most importantly they are important blood groups that aren’t available easily.

To highlight this and to ask people for blood donations globally NHS Blood and Transplant’s is running a campaign ‘#MissingType’ is asking major brands to drop the letters ‘A’ ‘B’ and ‘O’ from their logos.

All major brands have come together to support NHS Blood and Transplant’s international ‘#MissingType’ campaign.

NHS BT is working with donor organisations from 21 countries to highlight the importance of new donors coming forward.

View the campaign here:

To know more about donating blood, visit here for UK locations, here for U.S. locations and here for information on donating internationally.

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