Iranian Men Wear Hijabs In Support Of Women Who Are Forced To Cover Their Heads In Public
men in hijab
Published: Aug 1, 2016

Men in Iran are wearing hijabs, typically reserved for women, and posting the evidence on social media with the hashtag #MenInHijab in a display of solidarity with women across the country who are forced to cover their heads in public.

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

Women have been made to wear headscarves in the country ever since the Islamic Revolution in 1979. Those who don’t wear it or wear one that shows some of their hair face strict fines or even imprisonment in the conservative Islamic country.

The images come in response to a call by Masih Alinejad, an Iranian activist and journalist living in New York, who is urging men to support her campaign against enforced hijab. She also started My Stealthy Freedom campaign, which encourages women to share their veil-free photos on social media.

“In our society, a woman’s existence and identity is justified by a man’s integrity, and in many cases the teachings of a religious authority or government officials influence a man’s misguided sense of ownership over women. So I thought it would be fantastic to invite men to support women’s rights,” Alinejad told Independent.

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#مردان_باحجاب #MenInHijab وقتي که انقلاب شد مادرم به زور حجاب به اين سفت و سختي به سر کرد. و هیچ وقت به حجاب اعتقادی نداشت. در تابستان گرم خوزستان مجبور شد با این لباس بیرون برود .مادر مرد وتنها لباس هایش برایم به یادگار ماند گهگاه لباس هایش را بر تن میکنم ویاد اون روزهای گرم تابستان میکنم که مادرم برای خرید میرفت بیرون وقتی که بر میگشت از گرما نای حرف زدن نداشت. من همیشه شرمنده مادر و خواهرهایم بودم خودم مخالف حجاب بودم پدر و برادرهایم هم نظر مشابه خودم رو داشت تو اون هوای گرم اهواز خیلی سخته و قابل توصیف نیست با چنین لباسی بری بیرون

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While #MenInHijab specifically aims to support women who do feel oppressed by their hijabs, My Stealthy Freedom is all about supporting Iranian women’s choice, whether they want to wear a hijab or not.