Instagram’s Latest Sensation Is a Woman Who Smashes Her Face into Bread
Source: nextshark
Published: Jun 20, 2016

Yes you read that right! A girl is famous on Instagram because of smashing her face into different kind of bread loafs and pieces.

Source: nextshark
Source: nextshark

This 27 year old anonymous woman is getting viral for her Instagram videos for what she calls bread facing.

12. Cornbread 🤔 #breadfacing @reformation “Rude Boy” by @badgalriri

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Her instagram account, named Bread Face Blog, has got 56 videos, and a massive following of over 82,000 till date, because who does not want to watch something different! And watching a woman smash bread with her face is not a common sight for the eyes.



Oh, and there is music too, it’s not just a plain bread smashing video; every video features a carefully-selected pop song as the soundtrack.

According to bread face she is making people happy.

“It makes people laugh! Also, I just can’t imagine anyone outright hating it,” she said. “I mean, the worst reaction is to roll your eyes and scoff at the Internet but even then, you’ll probably still queue up another one.”

What do you think of these videos?