He Did What?! Oh How Dare He!
Published: May 23, 2015

A Kazakh national, aged 49, has been given a three month jail sentence in Dubai and has been fined Dhs 2000. Why, you ask?



His crime, you ask?

Well, he tapped a female police officer on the shoulder. WHAT?! How dare he!?



This man was looking for a metro in Dubai mall, he approached the police woman who was talking to some people and tapped her on the shoulder.

She testified saying

He asked me about the location of Dubai Mall and I pointed in the direction. I asked him why he touched me and he answered in his own language, which I didn’t understand.

The officer said the tourist touched her again and when she got angry and told him to follow her to the police station he refused until two male officers came and escorted him.

Bottom line don’t mess with Dubai’s police! Ever.

Wow. When will we learn?