Facebook Paid This 6-Year-Old Kid $2,000 For Making Mango Ice Cream
Published: Jun 30, 2016

Meet, Nihal Raj a.k.a. Kicha, a six-year-old food blogger based in India.

Screen grab
Screen grab

He has his own YouTube channel. The little chef’s channel KichaTubeHD started in 2015. Kicha is so popular that Facebook paid him a whopping $2,000 for the rights to mango ice cream video.


In May, his father was contacted by a US-based casting agency which makes videos for Facebook, which then led to a $2,000 deal in which Facebook acquired the non-exclusive rights to a video of Kicha making Mickey Mouse mango ice cream.

In most of his videos Kicha demonstrates simple recipes of desserts that involve minimal cooking. “He isn’t a professional,” his father Rajagopal V. Krishnan told Mashable. After a brief “master class” given by his mom, Kicha prepares a dish his own way.

The Mickey Mouse mango ice cream video has become Kicha’s main hit, which reached almost 60,000 views.