Everyone Is In Love with These Stunning Portraits of Muhammad Ali Taken Months before His Death
Source: Zenon Texeira/Fame FlynetSource:Supplied
Published: Jun 7, 2016

The greatest of all times, Muhammad Ali, left us at the age of 74. Everyone from leaders, to social activists to sportsmen have mourned over the legend’s demise. People and celebrities took to twitter, facebook and other social platforms to share what they feel about the loss of the greatest boxer of all times.

Recently British newspaper The Sun published a series of portraits of Muhammad Ali from a photographer, Zenon Texeira, who told the newspaper he took them two months before the boxing legend’s death last week.


Last portraits of #MuhammadAli taken by British photographer Zenon Texeira

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These are the last photos ever taken of the legend. British photographer Zenon Texeira said this about their time together.

 “I felt his aura”.

In these extremely powerful portraits, the Greatest boxer of all time, Ali poses with his fists raised one last time still refusing to give in to Parkinson’s disease.

Source: Zenon Texeira/Fame FlynetSource:Supplied
Source: Zenon Texeira/Fame FlynetSource:Supplied

 And people are in love with these powerful images.

The editor of Sun’s issue featuring the greatest, explained the concept behind these photos.