Deepika Padukone Promotes Girl Power In This Intense Nike Ad
Published: Jul 12, 2016

In this Nike Ad Deepika Padukone looks like someone you wouldn’t mess with. She’s doing push ups, running, boxing, badminton and even Tennis. Here she is playing tennis with none other than Roger Federer.

Source: news18.com
Source: news18.com

She speaks about how much sport has helped her on her Facebook page saying it helped her get through her depression.

“Two years ago I struggled with depression. I was sinking. I almost gave up. But it was the athlete in me that gave me the strength to fight and never ever give up!”

She also speaks about how everyone should play sports and girls should not limit themselves to not playing sports.

And so I want to say to every girl and every boy and every woman and every man…play a sport…because it changed my life…and it will change yours too!

Watch the video here:

Isn’t she a bad ass?