Cricket To Start Using Red Cards
Published: Feb 12, 2016

Can you imagine our players getting a red card?

Imagine Afridi getting a red card for this incident

Or a red card for this:

You can’t say cricketers don’t get emotional and do things that could be considered dirty or a ‘foul’ so to say.

There are some proposals sent in from the Marylebone Cricket Club(MCC) sending off a player for the rest of the match for the most serious level-four offences, such as threatening an umpire, assaulting a player, official or spectator, and racist abuse. If it is a batsman, he will be “retired out”.

For a level-three offence, such as threatening and intimidating behaviour, or bowling a deliberate beamer, suggested sanctions include 10 overs in the sin-bin.

Lesser offences, including time-wasting, dissent or deliberate physical contact, such as shoulder-barging, would bring an immediate five-run penalty.

Would you still watch cricket if these rules were added?