Chai Danedar Ho Ya Lajawaab – Chai Is Chai Mere Yaar!
Published: Feb 3, 2016

Every Pakistani knows how Lipton and Tapal are now officially in an open rivalry and making TV commercials that target the opponent.

Here’s how it started:

Here’s how Lipton fired back:

This doesn’t end here. Tapal made another attempt to bring Lipton down:

While Lipton and Danedar are busy proving which one is the best chai, other brands also got on this bandwagon.

Yes, chai+biscuit is the unbeatable combo but this was unasked for:


Even Everyday couldn’t leave Lipton and Tapal alone!



And Interwood just made it more ridiculous!


And we can’t un-see what Yes toothbrush did!



And they even took it to Chai ke daag!


And then there is this gender biased reality of our society!



While everyone is trying to be creative and competitive, we are forgetting that chai is supposed to bring people together. Chai shouldn’t be about brand wars but love!