This 7-Year-Old Loves To Dance Despite Having No Arms
Published: Jul 5, 2016

A little 7-year-old Sophi Green loves to dance, despite having no arms.

She was adopted from China when she was just two years old along with her blind sister by the Greens.

Sophi now lives in the US with her parents and can pretty much do everything without arms.


She carries out several activities with her feet, including eating with a knife and fork or chopsticks, writing and even riding a bike. From a very young age Sophi used her feet as hands.


Sophi is now very happy with her friends at school, but fitting in was never easy for her, she used to get questioned by other children about not having hands, and she used to get upset.


But with time she made peace with her emotions, and transformed into a more positive girl.



Sophi hopes her story will encourage others to consider adopting children from overseas.


And that disability should not stop you from doing what you love!

Sophi said: “Don’t let anyone stop you from doing something you really love.”

This is Sophi’s story

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