Ali Zafar Sings Tahir Shah’s Angel in His Own Style!
Published: Apr 13, 2016

Ali Zafar the true rock star never fails to entertain his fans! From Bollywood blockbusters to his own songs that remain on the charts for quite some time Ali Zafar knows it all.

Source: media9
Source: media9

Our very own singer and actor has done some experimentation with a very viral song. Ali did a cover version of the famous internet sensation Tahir Shah’s song ‘Angel’ or in the pronunciation of Tahir Shah ‘Anjil’.

Ali did not sing Tahir’s song instead he read it out like a poem, and it was soothing, it was ACTUALLY worth hearing and we paid attention to the lyrics for once.

Ali has actually supported Tahir Shah in a big way with his contribution that is worth hearing!

Dont beleive us? Hear it for yourself

Ali Zafar’s fans around the globe have reacted to his version of ANJIL over social media!