A Rocky Marriage Proposal
Published: Apr 12, 2016

Michael Bank from California proposed his girl for marriage in a very unique rather adventurous way; he climbed California’s 600-foot Morro Rock on the Southern California coast to propose his girlfriend live on the Facetime app.

But things didn’t go exactly in his favour when he had to be rescued by the Moro Bay officials. Talk about a rocky proposal.

Banks actually made it up the rock, without any difficulty, but became stranded on the way down. He was rescued when Morro Bay Fire Capt. Todd Gailey finally reached him and the two are pulled away from the cliff.

Gailey said that

“He couldn’t go any direction, on a sheer ledge, with his feet dangling 80-feet off the ground”

Banks reportedly told the rescuers his girlfriend was not happy for him performing this stunt.

Morro Bay also used facebook to tell other romantic individuals to not be as reckless as Banks

We hope folks will choose to view it from below, saving themselves and our fire responders time and money, and protecting everyone’s safety

Banks daring proposal came with a price but the good news is that the soon-to-be-bride said YES!

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