8 Things We Can Learn From Kids As Grown Ups
Published: Jun 10, 2016

As Adults we fail to see the charm in life anymore. Life gets you down, work, deadlines, taxes, bills etc make the world a less brighter place. We tend to miss our younger days as children where we were naive and full of bliss. But that doesn’t mean we can’t learn anything from our younger days. Here is a list of things we can learn from kids as grown ups.

1. Smile every moment we can

Children have a habit of having a permanent smile on their face. They’re usually day dreaming or thinking of a funny joke from a cartoon, whatever the reason they’re always smiling and so should we. Studies show that the act of smiling actually can make you happy.


2. Look at the world with wonder

There’s something about a child’s eyes when they see something new and shiny. They’re easily amused and excited by new things but sadly for us adults life has a way of taking away that sparkle of delight in our eyes and replacing it with the dullness of cynicism. We should try and bring that excitement and child like wonder back by looking at things through the eyes of a child.


3. Get excited about the little things

Play games with a child and you will notice a child’s laughter always remains the same full of excitement and energy. It shows how easily children get excited and happy and stay excited and happy. As adults nothing excites us anymore but if we tried to do things differently or go out of our way to try new things i’m sure our lives would start changing for the better.


4. Thinking like a kid

Kids are not pressured to think a certain way through education and years of schooling. Its easier for them to think outside the box and be creative. Their imagination is endless and it’s easier for them to learn and unlearn and come up with the most creative of solutions for answers. If we could absorb a percentage of that creativity and imagination we’d be unstoppable.


5. Make friends easily

As Children to be friends with someone all we had to do was watch the same cartoons and we were best friends for life. Now days friends have to fit certain standards and qualities, have the same social standing and background for us to be friends. Its time to let your guard down and be more open and out going you’d be surprised with the gems you’d find.


6. Do whatever they like

We don’t do a lot of things for two reasons. 1 “Log Kya Kaheinge?” 2 “What if I Fail?” Kids don’t care about either thing. They do whatever they feel like just for kicks, and if someone laughs they laugh with them. It’s time to start being more care free.

Source: gettyimages

7. Think anything is possible

Imagine not being bound and thinking freely, thinking you could beat up superman or jump over buildings. Obviously these things sound silly to an adult but to a child they would love to do any of those things and might even work to it. They have the thought process of thinking anything is possible and so should we.


8. Be happy for no reason at all

If you ask a child why he or she is happy, they won’t have a reason they’ll just smile and reply “Aisee” Its time to take some notes from a child on how to live and be happy for no reason


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