7 Things That Should Be Banned Apart From Doreamon
Published: Aug 4, 2016

Recently a cartoon was banned in Pakistan for corrupting the minds of children, though I am all up for saving the children but I don’t believe banning a cartoon will help save the children from Doreamon. I mean he’s on youtube.

To save the children of Pakistan these are the things that should be banned:

1. Excessive home work

Do they really need so much homework over the weekend?


2. Bad teachers

We’ve all seen this horrific video. This is one that was caught on tape what about the others? (WARNING DISTURBING CONTENT)

3. Uneducated religious teachers

Whats worse than someone who is uneducated educating our children


4. Toy guns

Why promote violence and make it seem like a game?


5. Bribery

Not only is it a sin, but it’s really easy to do in this country


6. Smoking in restaurants

It smells bad, is bad not only for your health but for people around you.


7. Discriminating against social classes

Do we really need to just people on the clothes they wear and the transport they use?

Source: Shakil


These are things that need to be banned. In the case of children being corrupted by cartoons, maybe their parents should spend time with their children and keep them busy instead of banning things they don’t want them to see.