6 Things You Did Not Know About Chocolate
Published: Apr 15, 2015

There are many big claims made about chocolate.  Here are some facts you did not know:

1. Not all chocolate bars are high in fat


Though chocolate bars may be high in fat the same is not true for cocoa powder or dark chocolate. A table spoon of cocoa powder only has 1 gram of fat and zero grams of trans fat.

2. Chocolate doesn’t only contain fat calories


An ounce of dark chocolate provides 19% of your daily iron and 2.2 grams of protein, it also contains trace minerals of copper and manganese. Though most chocolate bars are sugary treats dark chocolate isn’t always an unhealthy choice.

3. Chocolate is high in caffeine


Though chocolate does contain caffeine it is relatively low when compared to the amount of caffeine in coffee.

4. Chocolate is not bad for your teeth

chocolate teeth

Sugary treats are definetly bad for your teeth, but chocolate that isn’t loaded with sugar additives has lesser sugar in it than you would find in an apple! One dentist even showed ways in which chocolate is good for your teeth here.

5. Chocolate is not an aphrodisiac


That is a rumor and chocolate does not improve your libido. Nice try though!

6. Chocolate does not cause Acne

Chocolate does not causes Acne


There is no conclusive evidence that chocolate causes acne or is bad for your skin. Food triggers for acne vary from person to person. So go ahead and enjoy that bar hidden away in your bedside table!