Dolphins WANTED For The Russian Defense Ministry
Published: Mar 15, 2016


Russia’s Defense Ministry wants to buy five dolphins, and is willing to pay up to 1.75 million rubles ($25,000) for them, according to an ad posted on Russia’s public procurement website.

According to the ad the government wants two males and three female dolphins, aged between three and five years, also, they MUST have the perfect TEETH!

Source: oceanwildthings
Source: oceanwildthings

The ad said that the dolphins will be used for the “needs of the Defense Ministry,” but it’s not very clear what, exactly, is the purpose of using these dolphins.

All the bidders willing to participate in this activity have to submit documents, including a certificate demonstrating that the dolphins had been caught within the past two years, and listing the time, place and means of the capture.

It should be noted that both Russia and the US have been using dolphins and other underwater mammals for military purposes in the past. Under the auspices of the United States Navy Marine Mammal Program, the U.S. Navy has trained bottlenose dolphins and California sea lions to take on tasks like harbor protection, detecting underwater mines, and helping find and recover equipment.


Best of luck out there, Flipper!

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