38 Of The Most Stunning Churches In The World
Published: Mar 13, 2016

Here are some great churches from all over the world!

1. St. Peter’s Basilica, Rome

St. Peters Basilica Rome

2. The Basilica Of The Sacred Heart Of Paris, Paris

The Basilica Of The Sacred Heart Of Paris Paris

3. Westminster Abbey, London

Westminster Abbey London

4. Salt Cathedral Of Zipaquira, Cundinamarca, Colombia

Salt Cathedral Of Zipaquira, Cundinamarca Colombia

5. Church Of The Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem

Church of the Holy Sepulchre Jerusalem

6. Cologne Cathedral, Cologne, Germany

Cologne Cathedral Cologne Germany

7. Las Lajas Sanctuary, Colombia

Las Lajas Sanctuary Colombia

8. Church Of The Nativity, Bethlehem

Church Of The Nativity Bethlehem

9. Cathedral Of Brazilia, Brazil

Cathedral Of Brazilia Brazil

10. Borgund Stave Church, Norway

Borgund Stave Church Norway

11. Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris

Notre Dame Cathedral Paris

12. Basilica Of Our Lady Of Lichen, Poland

Basilica Of Our Lady Of Lichen Poland

13. Metropolitan Cathedral Of Rio De Janeiro, Rio De Janeiro

Metropolitan Cathedral of Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro

14. St. Sophia Cathedral, Kiev, Ukraine

St. Sophia Cathedral Kiev, Ukraine

15. Hagia Sopiha, Istanbul

Hagia Sophia Istanbul

16. St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Bulgaria

St Alexander Nevsky Cathedral Bulgaria

17. St. Paul’s Cathedral, London

St Pauls Cathedral London

18. Chapel Of The Holy Cross, Arizona

Chapel Of The Holy Cross Arizona

19. St. Patricks Cathedal, New York

St Patricks Cathedral New York

20. Hallgrimsikrkja, Iceland

Hallgrimskirkja Iceland

21. Cathedral Of St John The Divine, New York City

Cathedral Of St John The Divine New York City

22. Chartres Cathedral, France

Chartres Cathedral France

23. Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

Sagrada Familia Barcelona

24. Kamppi Chapel, Helsinki

Kamppi Chapel Helsinki

25. St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague

St. Vitus Cathedral Prague

26. St. Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow

St Basils Cathedral Moscow

27. Florence Cathedral, Florence

Florence Cathedral Florence

28. Milan Cahedral, Milan

Milan Cathedral Milan

29. United States Air Force Academy Cadet Cathedral, Colorado Springs

United States Air Force Academy Cadet Cathedral Colorado Springs

30. Canterbury Cathedral, Cantebury

Canterbury Cathedral Canterbury

31. St. Mark’s Basilica, Venice

St Marks Basilica Venice

32. Mont St. Michel Abbey, France

Mont St Michel Abbey France

33. St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Vienna


34. Rouen Cathdral, Rouen

Rouen Cathedral Rouen

35. The Cistine Chapel, Rome

The Cistine Chapel Rome

36. Reims Cathedral, France

Reims Cathedral France

37. Paoay Church, Philipines

Paoay Church Philippines

38. The Pantheon, Rome

The Pantheon Rome

All the images are taken from here.