28 Awesome GIFs That Will Definitely Render You A Cat-Lover
Published: May 26, 2015

If you are having a bad day and no one can cheer you up, these GIFs will definitely do the trick. And I am not even a cat-person!

1. I’m slipppinnnggg

2. The cat car!

3. Cat-in-the-box

4. This porcupine ain’t got nothin’ on me. Yea, you wait and see.

5. That leg, where is that leg? Oh found it!

6. Future member of KISS

7. Please… please love me!

8. Snoop-cat in da house!

9. I’m not sleepy. No… bed time… yet.


11. Look! I bought a kitty!

12. MY bag. MY BAG!! (This cat is kind like me…)

13. Mid-cat-crisis

14. What? There’s ANOTHER leg? I’m gonna getcha! Yes I *splat*

15. This is the life…

16. Wait! What do you have in there? What is that? What?!

17. I’ve got dem moves like Jagger baby!

18. Why would I need a watch-dog when I have watch-cat!

19. Guys, guys, we have a new enemy = the laser has evolved!!

20. Brother-sister love!

Source: Tumblr

21. I am sleeping. I don’t care.

22. Massage me human, massage me!

23. Yup.

24. Yeah, I’m smooth. Smooth like this floor!

25. I’ll make your hair little baby. Don’t worry!


26. Did you just hit ME, kid!? Take that!


27.  The male cat = Playing hard to get. The female cat = BUT I LOVE YOU!!!


28.  Uh oh. 

Awesome Cat Gifs to Raise Your Mood


If these super-cute cat GIFs can’t cheer you up, NOTHING CAN!

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