25 Of The Funniest Posts By Mark ZingerBurger
Published: Feb 6, 2016

Mark ZingerBurger is one of the funniest people on twitter. Here are some of the most funniest tweets by him

1. Mona Lisa be cold

2. Every single person ever

3. Best pickup line ever

4. Meera G lol

5. Sigh Meera G

6. Someone should figure how to make Fair and lovely do this

7. I wasn’t looking in anyone’s paper sir

8. Seriously, treat me!

9. For all the engineers out there

10. Jee Aunty Farida, this is for you!

11. Actions are judged by intentions

12. Truth

13. For anyone you hate

14. Plzz

15. Yay Youtube!

16. Seriously

17. Misery loves company

18. It isn’t official till it’s on Facebook

19. Why weekend? Why?

20. NO! Not Phuppo ka beta!

21. The answer is right, the questions are wrong

22. Shaggy – Wasn’t me

23. Pakistan Super League

24. Your welcome Asma

25. Please bachao

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