19 Types Of People You ALWAYS Meet On Eid!
Published: Jul 7, 2016

Eid is the most awaited occasion for Muslims all over the world. Eid is that one event you get to meet most of your relatives, friends and EVERYONE you know and don’t know.

Here are 18 types of people that you will definitely meet on Eid!

1. That Uncle who visits your place right after Eid Namaz

He is the person who wakes you up on the Eid day! (12)

2. The Cousin you only meet on Eid!

The busy-bee of the family.


3. That Uncle who loves to crush you with tight hugs!

He will choke you first and then ask you questions! (11)

4. That rishtedaar who loves to talk about their children

Aunty: “Mere bete ka to IBA mei admission ho gya hai.” (10)

5. That Aunty who won’t stop talking

They were born to talk!


6. That rishtedaar who never gives Eidi!

Why so kanjoos, makhi choos! 


7. That one person who won’t stop eating.

They make up for 30 days of fasting by eating everything and anything on the Eid day. (9)

8. That Cousin who loves taking Family-fie (A selfie with the whole family).

You will have your news feed flooded with these Family-fies!

Source: Tumblr
Source: Tumblr

9. The confused one! Handshake or hug? Hug+kiss or only hug?

That’s a difficult call to make! (8)

10. The person who doesn’t wake up until lunch-time. (1)

11. That girl who has layers and layers of make-up on her face (2)

12. That guy who shaved after a whole month! (3)

13. The person who’s always on the phone! (4)

14. The person who keeps checking-in on Facebook (5)

15. Those little cousins who will run all over the place! (3)

16. That girl who doesn’t get her Eid-ka-Jorda on time (14)

17. That girl who loves to show off (7)

18. The Eidi-hog kid! (15)

19. That rishtedaar who has a problem with everything! #HATER


And then there you are, at the end of the first day: (13)

 Without any one of these people, Eid would not be as special. So yes, we make fun of you, but we love you! Eid Mubarak everybody!