17 Pictures That Will Make You Believe In The Power Of Photoshop
Published: Apr 1, 2016

James Fridman, a graphic designer and a photoshop master, is trolling people on twitter. It’s the kind of Photoshop trolling that is worthy of the internet hall of fame.

1. Ever wondered what giraffe neck looks like?

2. Bush-y!


4. Bum with a nice border.

5. Blond American celebrity!

6. This is what happened when you ask your husaband to shave.

7. He literally took her out.

8. Jumping away from responsibilities.

9. Out of the world.

10. He’s got some abs!

11. Now, that’s a very big booty.

12. You can’t just be sad.

13. The bigger, the better.

14. Those legs are … long!

15. WOW

16. Have fun.

17. That’s a sexy pool.