16 Of Our Favourite Bitchy Urdu Cards On The Internet
Published: May 29, 2015

Have you seen Bitchy Urdu Cards on Facebook?

This is the page you go to when you are having a bad day and they have one card or another that will most definitely make your day!

Here are some of our favourites:

1. Some people “think” they are in a relationship. Yes, they are in a relationship with NO ONE!

2. Stalkers are the most hated people on any social media!

3. When your Phopho pays you a visit…

4. How dirty is your mind?

5. This is me to everyone – all the time!

6. Where can I buy a sense of humour from for my friends?

7. Because the party shall go on and on and on!

8. If only your personality could be Photoshop-ed too!

9. Your jeans are falling. Literally, I can see the moon…!

10. To the most dolled-up aunty at a wedding:

11. I pity your parents, bro!

12. You want us to dance for your son?

13. How you wish some people were dead!

14. When you hate making breakfast for your husband!

15. Ogling must be a declared a crime!

16. Very blunt, very true!

These cards summarised in one card:

If you don’t like these cards then,