13 Ways Our Friends Change After Marriage That We Don’t Understand!
Published: Jun 20, 2015

‘Marriages are made in heaven’ and all that jazz has thoughtful contemplation attached to it. When you hear that your best friend or your brother is getting married, you jump on your bed because you are deliriously happy, arcane to the truth that you are losing a part of them.

Here are a few little things that change when someone, especially your friends, gets married.

1. The person who once used to pick up your call in the first go, now doesn’t remember that you’d called

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2. And when they do pick up, they cut the call short and tell you that they’d call you back

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3. When you meet them after a long time, it feels like they’ve transformed into something wonderful

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4. The time you spend with them, though cherishable, is filled with amusing stories of their married life

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5. And gradually, their significant other becomes an important part of your group

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6. They slowly start to fade from all the plans you make with your group

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7. You’ve gotten used to them making excuses for not turning up to gatherings and events

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8. And when they make it, they have to leave early

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 9. Their plans, if any, with the group, include dinners and gatherings instead of going out

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10. If you’ve known the bride for long, you can see how much her relationship with her mother has changed, in a good way

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11. You marvel at how they look in different traditional attires and beautiful jewelry that they can pull off, like a boss

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12. They are suddenly wiser, calmer, and more mature than you’ve ever seen them

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13. And you know that you can educate yourself with their newly-gained wisdom on love

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The one thing that makes weddings special is how much they change a person, in a good way. It is when you’re married that you realize the importance of having a family-like the one you’re from.

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