13 Things You Will Love If You Are Lazy!
Published: Mar 11, 2015

Personally I believe lazy people are highly evolved versions of Pandas and Koalas. They are adorable! Sometimes. Actually quite rarely. But it is fun to be around them on those rare occasions. You know? It takes special skills to be that lazy.

Here are some absolutely delightful moments that lazy asses live for:

1. When they don’t have to take a shower on beautiful lazy Sundays

The best part of the weekend for them is it’s a ‘no bathing day’.

Source: thescrib.com

2. Coming home and falling flat in bed

Best feeling ever.

Source: imgbuddy

3. Spending hours doing nothing. Or maybe watching TV and doing nothing

Happiness is in nothingness.

Source: jesshaines.com

4. Finding some delicious liquid to gulp it down, ‘cuz they are just too lazy to chew

Who wants to do all the chewing work?

Source: charlottecarrendar.com

5. Finding successful ways of doing difficult tasks like switching off the bedroom lights at night

A ‘eureka’ moment.

Source: 9Gag

6. Sleeping for 18 hours straight

Is proud about doing absolutely nothing. Is also most likely to hold the record of ‘Sleeping for a maximum number of hours’ in one go.

Source; Giphy

7. Finding someone who is willing to drive you home

All the gear shifting and clutch, brake, accelerator is too much work for the body. Phew!

Source: dailyedge.ie

8. Beauty is when your parents ask you to do something but when you’re about to do it they say, “Forget it! I’ll do it.”


Source: cookiesandsangria.com

9. That moment your friends make a plan you don’t wanna go to, and they cancel it!


Source: Tumblr (lovely-sparks)

10. Every time you’re out shopping, the first thing you look out for is a big couch in the shop to sit on

Because taking power breaks in between your shopping session is good for the health, wallet and you know… me.

Source: 3dmodelfree.com

11. Getting extra time to finish a project that you never started working on

More time to procrastinate? YES!

Source: Panda Whale

12. Being served a plate full of food right in your bed

Rub a dub dub, thanks for the grub. Yeahhh momma!

Source: Tumblr (90scartoons)

13. That moment in the night when all you have to do is sleep

And your bed feels like a cloud up in heaven. Sigh.

Source: Giphy


Cheers to all the lazy bums and their lazy delights!

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