13 of The Funniest Bakra Eid Videos You’ll Ever See
Published: Sep 25, 2015

Looking for a laugh? Look no further – you have come to the right place!

Watch these hilarious Bakra Eid videos we found for you.

1. What usually happens on Bakra Eid

2. Different types of people on Bakra eid

3. A much needed Public Service announcement on what NOT to do this Bakra Eid

4. Things that happen at the Mandi

5. What actually happens on Bakra Eid

6. Some animals you don’t want to mess with on Bakra Eid

7. One of the lame Bakra Eid Jokes you might have heard

8. What should happen to freeloaders who come to your barbecues

9. This baby bakra having the time of his life!

10. If animals could talk

11. Everyone’s mother after Bakra eid

12. Don’t steal anyone’s Bakras

13. Things you hear on Bakra Eid

Hope you had a good laugh

Baaaari Eid Mubarak!