12 Videos That Justify Desi Moms In A Funny Way
Published: Apr 10, 2016

They are up for us all night, hide our faults in-front of our dads, scold us and hug us back reminding not to do the same mistake again, and love us unconditionally. In short desi moms are the best. Here are 12 videos that justifies desi moms in a funny way.

1. When you share a joke with your parents

2. When your parents sarcastic

3. When she send you to get groceries and forget one item

4. When you tell her a secret

5. When she embarrass you in front of others

6. When you try to fix your mom’s English

7. When she think you won’t get ready on time

8. When she turn your new shirt into mop

9. When she gives you a lecture to eat vegetables

10.  When she think if you look at your phone and smile, you have a girlfriend

11. When she won’t let you have the food until the guests have had it

12. And the dramatic mom, who loves you unconditionally