12 Things That Happen To You Because You Are The Youngest
Published: Feb 25, 2015

Other than being bossed around by your siblings, there are so many things about being the baby of the family that make us who we are today. Here is a list of things that happened to you only because you are the youngest in the family!

1. Your siblings made you believe you were adopted

At some point in time, you actually fell for it too. All of us did. *sigh*

youngest sibling

2. Everyone knew you as so-and-so’s little sister/brother

In some cases, they still do. And if you went to the same school, your identity was pretty much never truly your own.

You were referred to as "the baby" until you hit puberty. Then after puberty as well.
Source: Tumblr (iwasanawesomerkid)

3. From studies to your career, you’ve always had to deal with the pressure of being compared to how well your big sis/bro has done in life.

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4. Your older siblings are always choosy about the friends you have.

youngest sibling

5. If you ever run out of outfits, your sister’s wardrobe is always an excellent alternative!

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6. Your older siblings’ deadline was 10 p.m. when they were teenagers, yours got pushed to midnight. (Thank you, big bro/ sis!)

youngest sibling

7. Your parents don’t worry about anything if they know you are out with your sibling.

3. The pain of hearing
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8. When you’re in big trouble, the first family member you call is your older half.

youngest sibling

9. You are used to being pampered by everyone in the family!

18. Leaving everything aside - no matter what, you always had a guardian by your side.
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10. Thankfully, it was your older sister who had the ‘boy-talk’ with you and not your mom!

youngest sibling

11. You’ve always had someone cheering you on. No matter how much you embarrass yourself.

17. The weird things you believed in, only because you were a true follower of your elder sibling.
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12. Your sibling is a parent, friend and mentor all rolled into one.

He/she was always there to hold your hand when you were scared. Just like you knew that your sibling would catch you in case you fell-off your bicycle, you know they’ll catch you when life kicks you too!

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