10 Stages Of Applying For Colleges
Published: Sep 30, 2016

It’s that time of the year again where college applications have started. Here are 10 stages of applying for colleges.

1. You start off by getting the details of admissions

And soon you realize you have fallen in love with one of them and can’t wait to go there next fall.

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2. You decide to keep a few backup colleges just in case your ‘perfect’ plan doesn’t work out

But you hate the thought of going anywhere else besides the college you want to go to.

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3. Everything seems to go well until you have to write your college essay and have no idea at all about what to write

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4. You soon look at the requirements and loathe yourself for not doing enough in school

Because deep down, you believe your application would be horrible and it’s all thanks to you.

law what have i done
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5. After hours of self loathe and procrastination, the second you send your application you realize you could’ve done a much better job and have made some huge mistakes.

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6. Then comes the worst part – the wait. You either nervously sit around in a corner and worry about what will happen next

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7. Or just don’t care anymore.

‘So, have you heard back from any colleges yet?’

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8. As it gets closer, you start losing it and end up appreciating the little things in life.

You know you’re screwed anyway, might aswell appreciate life in the way.

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9.  However, when the times comes, if you get in you can’t hold it in anymore.

And your friends and family couldn’t be happier.

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10. But if you don’t, a constant sob session begins.

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