10 Reasons Why You Should Listen To Music Every Day Of Your Life
soul music
Published: Jan 20, 2016

Music is known to be food for the soul. It is used as a universal language, a gateway into all cultures. Music brings people together, but there is more to music than just that. Here are 10 things that happen when you listen to music:

1. Music helps you deal with physical pain.

It is not clear as to how music manages to decrease pain, some suggest that since listening to music you like release a chemical called dopamine which makes a person happy so though you may be in pain the chemical helps ease it. Also music can distract you from the pain while. Not completely though, so don’t listen to music with a broken arm go to the hospital.

Listen to music that lessens pain here. 


2. It can put you to sleep.

No, listening to heavy metal won’t put you to sleep, but listening to soothing music can help you relax and release anxiety which in turn will help you sleep faster. Listening to relaxing sounds such as the ocean or the wind shaking the trees can help a person fall asleep faster.

Listen to music that puts you to sleep here.

sleeping with headphone


3. Listening to music before a game will help you perform better.

Listening to music before a game such as basketball or football will help your mind relax. Listening to upbeat catchy music will lift up your mood and make you perform better.

4. Playing an instrument improves your motor skills

Playing any musical instrument helps improve your motor skills. Playing an instrument has been shown to improve hand eye co-ordination so you’ll be better at co-ordination than those who don’t play an instrument.

5. Playing an instrument also keeps you younger!

Playing a musical instrument at a young age keeps the mind sharper as people age. Playing music has a lot of other benefits such as relieving stress, lowering blood pressure keeping a person happy and healthy.



Watch this old man play his heart out!


6. Feeling down? Listen to your favourite song!

Listening to an upbeat song won’t make you get over your depression, but listening to a favourite song of yours will release dopamine which is a feel good chemical you need to be happy.

7. Music helps Alzheimer patients

Music has been shown to relax Alzheimer patients and in some cases even bring back old memories for a little while.

8. It helps you relax

Listening to music with a low tempo and low pitch without music can calm you. Listening to music before a surgery helps patients calm down.


9. Reduces stress!

Music is capable of reducing the stress hormone cortisol which is also the same hormone responsible for weakening our immune system. Listening to 50 minutes of music in a day has been shown to increase antibodies in a person.


10. Classical music helps plants grow!

A study has shown that music can make plants grow faster. But not just any kind, plants LOVE classical music the mild vibrations from the music encourage growth in plants.


What do you like listening to?